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Leadership Development

We have unique assets aimed at helping leaders get better, particularly in helping them to inspire the kind of “followship” that achieves outstanding success.

Our Leadership Framework has been used by many organisations all over the world by leaders who want to be the very best they can. Its simple structure and focus on the fundamentals makes it the perfect context for improving leadership at all levels of your organisation.

Often our work in this area also includes Board Effectiveness, focusing on helping your leadership team work together optimally, whether in terms of the way in which you make decisions, or ensuring there is always time for the right level of debate, challenge, and follow up.

Our other unique asset is our close involvement with the movie The Testing Point which we use to help leaders understand how difficult it is for the people we lead to call things out when they think something’s wrong and to help us create an environment where that kind of vital challenge can be made safely.

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