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Our Approach

At Atlantic Cedar, we have a tried and tested approach for engaging with our clients and helping to address their challenges.

  • When you are running your business, how do you find the time to step back and be objective?
  • When can you properly assess and predict your market’s trajectory? And where’s the time to make clear minded decisions and set direction?
  • Even if you can make the time to step away, reflect, and focus your attention on your strategy and tactics, how do you move that strategy into action whilst still leading the business on a daily basis?
  • Who is supporting you and challenging your thinking? How do you access the capabilities you need to increase the likelihood of success? And how do you access skills outside your circle?

The Atlantic Cedar Blueprint approach enables us to quickly and efficiently do all of this for you without costing you the earth.


It's hard to know what to do if you can't see the wood for the trees. The initial phase in our approach is to work with you to identify what the challenges really are in your organisation. They might not be exactly what you think.


We can help you identify cultural issues within your business and from there we can recommend ways in which you can develop your reputation as an employer. These include our unique leadership development assets, as well as helping you to attract, develop, and retain talent.

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Based on our initial findings we will create a hypothesis setting out the basis of a strategy in narrative form for your review.


After iteration of the hypothesis, we will work with you to create a strategic plan. This will enable everyone to understand how the pieces fit together and what they are all working towards.

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Based on the hypothesis the strategic plan will consist of several initiatives which will be prioritised towards achieving your desired outcomes.

Build Capability

The underlining purpose to all the above is to build capability in your organisation to support top line growth or reduce cost or both and always in support of the business strategy. If it doesn't align with that it doesn't happen.


Whether your change agenda is large or small, company-wide or limited to a function, we have the skills and experience to be there with you and help you inspire your people to run towards your desired outcome.

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Reduce Costs

If your business is growing it's often difficult to keep control of costs. We get so involved in the rush of success that we fail to keep a tight rein on what we're spending.

If your top line growth is faltering, it's all the more important to ensure we protect or enhance our margins by reducing costs.

Optimising supplier sourcing and spend, improving processes, and ensuring good governance without bureaucracy are all areas where Atlantic Cedar can help ensure that the profit line grows at least as much as the sales line.

Spend analysis

We can help you collect, cleanse, classify and analyse your expenditure data, to support decreasing procurement costs, improving efficiency, and monitoring controls and compliance. This approach can also be leveraged in other areas of your business such as inventory management, contract management, pricing, supplier management, budgeting, planning, and product development.

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Procurement optimisation

It is well established that high-performing procurement organisations can drive growth and resilience by facilitating internal collaboration with stakeholders, identifying new and innovative sourcing opportunities, strengthening business agility and efficiency, and reducing risks and costs. We can help evaluate your organisation and recommend improvements to drive your procurement organisation and supplier landscape to that perfect place.

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Business process modelling

We can help you build a 3-dimensional real-time digital model of your business processes enabling you to simplify, improve, and even automate elements of your business. This ‘digital twin’ can help you model the impact of potential business changes, accelerate the speed of decision making, and implement them error-free.

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Drive Top-line

Driving top line growth can be affected by many factors outside your control including the economic climate and whether or not your business is in a growth sector.

However, regardless of whether you’re being helped or hindered by any of those, there are plenty of levers you can pull to improve your competitiveness and drive your top line.

If you want to improve your marketing, price setting and getting, and/or your sales force effectiveness, our experts can help.

Sales effectiveness

Do your sales team have the right skills? Do they win business on the right terms? Do they prioritise their time effectively? Do they collaborate with the rest of the organisation? With our extensive experience we can help you answer these questions, address these issues and recommend solutions.

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Marketing effectiveness

Companies can spend an enormous amount of time and money on marketing but often don’t know how effective it is and what aspects of their marketing strategy work best. We can help you develop an effective marketing strategy and propose practical metrics for measuring success.

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Pricing optimisation

Our strategic pricing framework will help you optimise value creation with your customers and support you “right price” your products and services.

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