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Providing rapid insights leading to practical solutions for your business

Practical problem solving

The magic is in the execution. We share insights as quickly as possible – sometimes within days. We’re highly sceptical of expansive and over-engineered solutions, so for us “practical” usually means “simple” with clear, definable outcomes, expertly executed.

The Atlantic Cedar Blueprint

Expert business executives, dedicated to problem solving

With decades of experience across a range of sectors, there's very little that we haven't seen before. This enables us to quickly identify and define potential solutions to your business problem.

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£3m benefit

FTSE 50 FMCG company IT transformed within 3 years, including Global SAP roll-out.

Functional Transformation

£52m benefit

FTSE conglomerate's sales capability transformed, including sales programme.

Sales Effectiveness

£50m benefit

Global luxury retail company re-engineered through a commercial transformation.

Functional Transformation

£40m benefit

Global procurement function developed for a FTSE 50 company

Strategic Procurement

£10m benefit

Global IT procurement organization developed from a green-field site

Strategic Procurement