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At Atlantic Cedar we have a range of discreet services relevant to today's business issues. We can also offer bespoke services tailored to your specific needs.

Whether it's issues with sales revenue, competitive pricing, cost control, culture or strategy, we can help you identify a solution.


We can support the development of both organizational and functional strategies in line with desired business outcomes.

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Using our expertise we can support the design and execution of change initiatives to ensure that your business adapts as required and that the desired changes 'stick'.

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Functional transformation

The Atlantic Cedar team has a wealth of expertise in leading business functions and successful functional transformation programmes in order to drive greater value creation, profitability, efficiencies, productivity, and customer engagement within businesses.

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Leadership development

We are passionate about supporting the development of current and future leaders. Using our proprietary frameworks and tools, including 'The Testing Point' feature film case study, we can offer both individual and group workshops.

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Strategic procurement

Atlantic Cedar has a wealth of experience in procurement and supply chain management. We can assist you in elevating your commercial skills, optimise supplier relationships, reduce costs, provide you with a global picture of your third party spend and even help you negotiate a better deal.

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Business process modelling

We can work with you to carry out business process modelling designed to provide you a 3-dimensional view of your organisation’s processes, enabling you to understand how the value chain across your business fits together, where the opportunities are to reduce waste, and how you can drive efficiencies and cost reduction.

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